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Create Magento 2 Module (Basic) Part I

here my first step to understanding magento 2 module development by create hello world extension, haha:

  1. create file app/code/Ansyori/HelloWorld/etc/module.xml
  2. here module.xml file content
  3. then create module registration file,  app/code/Ansyori/HelloWorld/registration.php
  4. run follwing command use shell/command promp
  5. “php D:\xampp\htdocs\magento21\bin\magento setup:upgrade”
  6. or “D:\xampp\php\php  D:\xampp\htdocs\magento21\bin\magento setup:upgrade”
  7. if still not work, go to app\etc\config.php, edit the file
  8. clear magento cache, at System->Cache Managements->Flush Magento Cache
  9. you will see your new module listed at Store->Setting->Configuration->Advanced->Advanced

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