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Magento : Fixed Issue Price or Total Amount Order More Than 100 Million

When your magento implement in a country with small number digits currency like US or Major Europe countries this issue maybe will not happens, but if your Magento implement in some countries with currency with a lot number of digits like dollar zimbabwe or indonesia rupiah or dong vietnam (conversion from USD).. it will be a problem, i found a way to fix this problem:


  1. Edit file app\code\core\Mage\Sales\Helper\Data.php
  2. increase number “const MAXIMUM_AVAILABLE_NUMBER”  to whatever you want, mine change to 99999999999 (almost 1 trillion)
  3. go to your database use Phpmyadmin or adminer or you fav mysql tool
  4. run this query to find all magento tables columns with data type “Decimal”
  5. the sql result will be like this
  6. save the query result to excel/csv
  7. open use excel
  8. generate sql script use concatenate excel function
  9. mine use this excel function
  10. the function will generate sql script like this
  11. copy generated sql script, execute on your mysql tools
  12. then reindex & flush cache
  13. voila!! problem solved 🙂

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