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Knockoutjs: populate json url data to select options

Today this thing got me frustrated, let’s straight to the main problem, before I forget

  1. create js function to load from an URL contains json data
    ], function (Component, ko, $, $t, modal, quote, url) {
        'use strict';
        var popUp = null;
        var jsonData = null;
        return Component.extend({
            getStoreList: function () {
                var somevar ='someurl/madeyou/frustrated');
                var xmlHttp = new XMLHttpRequest();
                /* sample json data
                [{"id":"12","store_name":"blabla store 1"},
                 {"id":"13","store_name":"blabla store 2"}]
       "GET", somevar, false );
                xmlHttp.send( null );
                var resp = xmlHttp.responseText;
                return JSON.parse(resp);


  2.  start binding here
    <select name="some-name" id="some-id" 
    data-bind="options: getStoreList(), 
    optionsText: 'store_name',
    optionsValue: 'id'" />




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